"Cute Elephant" Speed Challenge Campaign

iSwap and Mdex Launched the "Cute Elephant" Speed Challenge Campaign to Give Users Max 10,000 Times the Handling Fee Reward

Please go to iSwap.com or click here to see the Speed Challenge Campaign ranking

Dear Users,

iSwap will be officially launched on September 8th, supporting cross-chain transaction on 5 chains including HECO, BSC, Polygon, Ethereum and OKExChain. At the same period, iSwap will launch the "Cute Elephant" Speed Challenge Campaign, in which the users can get Max 10,000 times handing fee reward. Welcome to start a 3-second cross-chain journey with Mdex's Cute Elephant

Event time: September 8th 10:00-September 15th 24:00 (UTC+8)

Event Details:

The first 500 traders will share $16,200 reward according to their trading speed.

  1. Ranking 1st will be rewarded with 10,000 x Handling Fee (Maximum 2,000 USDT for a single reward)

  2. Ranking 2nd will be rewarded with 5,000 x Handling Fee (Maximum 1,000 USDT for a single reward)

  3. Ranking 3rd will be rewarded with 3,000 x Handling Fee (Maximum 600 USDT for a single reward)

  4. Ranking 4th will be rewarded with 2,000 x Handling Fee each (Maximum 400 USDT for a single reward)

  5. Ranking 5th will be rewarded with 2,000 x Handling Fee each (Maximum 400 USDT for a single reward)

  6. Ranking 6th - 10th place will be rewarded with Cute Elephant NFT works valued 200 USDT (Total 1,000 USDT)

  7. Ranking 17th ,27th, 37th , 47th, ...487th ,497th will all be rewarded with Cute Elephant NFT works valued 200 USDT (Total 9,800 USDT)

  8. The remaining unrewarded users listed on ranking 500 will share the remain 1,000 USDT.

Note: The Event rewards are only limited to cross-chain transactions, click here to check your ranking.

Ranking Rule:

  1. The speed ranking is calculated based on the fastest one among the user's all transactions.

  2. For the users with the same transaction speed, the larger total transaction amount will be ranked higher.

  3. For the users with the same total amount and the same fastest transaction time, the hash timestamp of the fast transaction one will be ranked higher.


  1. Alice's transaction speed is 9s, and Bob's transaction speed is 3 seconds (increasing the gas fee will speed up the transaction), then Bob ranks first.

  2. The transaction speed of Alice and Bob is the same for 5s, the total transaction amount of Alice is 500,000U, and the total transaction amount of Bob is 400,000U, then Alice ranks first.

  3. The transaction speed of Alice and Bob are both 5s, and the total transaction amount is also 500,000 U. The transaction hash timestamp of Alice's fastest transaction order is at 12:30 on September 1, and Bob's fastest transaction order’s hash timestamp is at 17:30 on September 8th, Alice ranks first.


  1. The rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends, and 5 different NFTs will be distributed randomly, Which can be sold on www.iBox.com

  2. All trading users are eligible to participate, and each user will have a chance to win a prize. Any cheating behavior will be disqualified from the award.

NFT reward is as below:

Event Process:

Step 1: Cross-Chain Trade on iSwap

Make cross-chain transactions on iSwap (www.iswap.com) or trade on iSwap through HuobiWallet.

Step 2: Check your cross-chain speed and the eligibility for the reward

Checking the transaction speed of the transaction address and the reward in the Transaction Speed Ranking List on www.iSwap.com

Step 3: Wait for the official Winner List on Sept. 16th, 2021 (UTC+8)

The list of winners will be published on Transaction Speed Ranking List Chart on iSwap.com.The deadline of the final winners' list will be September 15th, 24:00 (UTC+8).

NFT Airdrop will be distributed to the HECO chain address within 7 working days after the winner listed is published.

You can check NFT airdrop by the HECO chain address in Huobi Wallet

Trade on iSwap in 3 Steps:



1. Transaction Speed Calculation Method

Speed calculation = the time when the second chain transaction is completed — the time when the first chain initiates the transaction (it is allowed to increase the GAS fee to increase the speed)

Example: Swap HT to BNB, the transaction speed is from trade the HT on the HECO chain to the time of the user received the BNB on the BSC chain.

2. iSwap Handling Fee

iSwap only charges 0.2% cross-chain handling fee. During the Speed Challenge Campaign period, the cross-chain handling fee will be 0.004%. The rest of Gas fees and transaction fees are charged by the corresponding chains and Dex.

3. What is Relayer Gas Fee?

The transactions you initiate in the original chain are directly deducted from your account for the gas fee; while the transactions in the target chain need to be completed with the assistance of the relay account, and the gas fee is advanced by the relay account, so the target chain will charge the estimated gas fee equivalent USDT to purchase HT/BNB to replenish the relay account.

4. Where to find my assets after swap?

For now, all chains iSwap supported are ETH series chains, which means they share the same address. After swap, you can switch your wallet to the target chain to check your assets at the same address.

If you need to connect your wallet to the corresponding chain, please refer to:

How to connect metamask to HECO?

How to connect metamask to BSC?

5. Exceed Maximum Transaction Amount

In order to prevent excessive slippage from causing losses to users, the platform limits the upper limit of the amount of a single transaction. If you have a large exchange requirement, you can complete the trade in several transactions.

Introduction of Event Partners

Mdex Introduction:

MDEX.COM supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocols of BSC, HECO and ETH, and ranks first in the DEX rankings by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. MDEX.COM innovatively combines the different advantages of various basic public chains and creates a well-rounded and composite DEX ecosystem with high performance. Users can use MDEX Bridge to realize cross-chain interoperability between HECO, ETH, and BSC.

iBox Introduction:

iBox is the world's leading e-commerce platform for digital collections. It is positioned for the issuance and circulation of high-end digital collections. Users can purchase first-release NFT works and secondary market transactions on iBox. The NFT airdrop of Depth's rights can be viewed in the iBox personal center.

Telegram CN:https://t.me/NFT_BOX

Huobi Wallet Introduction:

Huobi Wallet is a professional Multi-chain DeFi wallet in the era of Blockchain 2.0. Backed by the leading security technology of Huobi Global, Huobi Wallet is dedicated to safeguarding users’ digital assets, as well as providing an outstanding DeFi experience.


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