Update record

V5 2022-03-14
• Access to Solana public chain, the lastest version of Solana supports bridges for cross-chain;
• Revise and upgrade the UI interface;
• Optimize the multi-chain aggregation transaction and find the best transaction path for the source chain and the destination chain automatically, the users no longer need to select it manually.
V4 2021-12-13
• Access to the three public chains of Arbitrum, AVAX and Fantom;
• Launch the module of Bridge for cross-chain exchange;
• Launch the function of large-amount exchange which supports large-amount exchange of USDT;
• Optimize the contract code to greatly reduce the gas consumption on the ETH chain.
V3 2021-10-14
• Launch multi-DEX cross-chain transactions, support 30+DEX, 2000+ tokens for cross-chain exchange;
• Optimize the H5 interface;
• Optimize the Relayer code which lead the improvement of cross-chain service stability and cross-chain speed.
V2 2021-08
• Support single-chain exchange;
• Access to the three public chains of ETH, POLYGON and OEC;
• Optimize the model of iSwap rate;
• Optimize the contract code.
V1 2021-07
• Support cross-chain transactions between HECO and BSC chains;
• Deploy the USDT as positions on different chain to support users to exchange the token of chain A to any token supported on chain B.
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