【Anti-Fraud Reminder】

There are two common types of cross-chain transaction Frauds:

  1. Posing as a TG administrator to ask for a private key to steal assets

  2. Create a phishing website to guide users to trade on non-official websites, and actually transfer user assets

How should users deal with these two situations?

TG Fraud Prevention

iSwap official English telegram: https://t.me/iSwapCom_EN

iSwap official Chinese telegram: https://t.me/iSwapCom

There may have an enthusiast pretend to be an administrator when many users join the group for help. However, it probably be a trap for the green hands. The enthusiast might be a fraud and ask those kind of users to provide private keys or secret recovery phrase which will make them lose the assets. There’s ways to avoid the loss:

  1. DO NOT send private key or secret phrase to anyone no matter how! The private key or secret phrase of the assets on the chain just like the password of your bank card. Do not trust anyone who ask you for the private key or secret phrase for any reason, and make sure to keep them properly.

  2. Identify real and fake administrators

  3. Check the "Username" of the administrator. The usernames of the iSwap administrators are: @iSwapxxx, such as @iSwapMia. The liar may use @iSwapMIa to confuse users, please pay attention to check.

  4. Many liars are not in the iSwap telegram group, which give you a way to check 【groups in common】. If you don't have any common group, then the admin is more likely to be a liar.

  5. The administrator who DM you first more like a liar. The official administrator will usually reply in the group, and the administrator will have an admin mark in the upper right corner of the conversation bubble in the group. Please pay special attention Identify the administrator who takes the initiative to privately chat with you!

Identify phishing sites

iSwap official website: www.iswap.com

Compared with Tg scams, phishing websites are more confusing and difficult to be detected by users. Choose to trade on official website: www.iswap.com

Phishing sites may be disguised as iSwap.link or iSwap.orz etc. with different domain, phishing scams take the form of websites that are created to look the same as the official website but with slightly different URLs. Be aware of web pop-ups, confirmation links that ask to click, or messages sent to you that require to click on a link. Don't believe any false recommendation in the group, choose the official channel, and beware of new types of scams.

Notice: If you fall victim to phishing scams or TG scams, your digital assets are at risk and cannot be recovered. Once again, please distinguish carefully!

iSwap Team

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