iSwap is now live on Solana

Dear iSwap's

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, the number of users and the scale of the system continue to increase. Our challenge now is how to better meet the needs of users.

To meet more user needs, iSwap has partnered with Solana to support one more new chain and one more token. There are 9 chains in total for users to trade, including Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), BNB Chain (BSC), OEC, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Arbitrum and the newest chain – Solana.

All single transactions involving USDC, USDT, ETH and DAI, where the transaction value is greater than 10,000USDT, will not be charged any fees! Users will enjoy a fast, safe and low-fee transaction and have a great experience on iSwap!

To celebrate iSwap going live on Solana, there will be a promotion for users who complete cross-chain transactions through Solana via iSwap.

Date: 08:00 (UTC) on Mar 15, 2022 - 16:00 (UTC) on Mar 22, 2022

Find out how to participate:

Follow Twitter:@iSwapCom

Join TG group:

How to win the Airdrop:

1. Retweet and tag 3 friends.

2. Complete the cross-chain transaction.

Reward 1) The first 500 participants who complete cross-chain transaction through Solana in iSwap will share a $1,000 airdrop.

Reward 2) The first 100 new users who complete a single order of over $10,000 in cross-chain transaction on iSwap can get $20 each.

Notice: Each user is only eligible for reward 1 or reward2.

iSwap ( is a cross-chain aggregation protocol that achieves quick, 3-second cross-chain transactions, at low costs (0.2% cross-chain handling fee). iSwap supports 50+ DEXs, 5000+ tokens by deploying aggregators on several public chains. It currently supports Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), BNB Chain (BSC), OEC, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Arbitrum and Solana.

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