HECO × iSwap Easter Eggs Giveaway

iSwap will launch the Easter Egg event jointly with HECO Chain, if you complete the task below, you can claim 500,000 SHIB rewards.

Easter Eggs Giveaway Details:

  • Users trading on iSwap will get 0.01HT AirDrop

  • The users who trade on iSwap successfully will get 500,000SHIB AirDrop

9:00 AM, Aug 19th- 9:00 AM, Aug. 26th (UTC )

Please refer to the SHIB winning rules: www.huobi.bo/support/en-us/detail/94883683571248


  • The rewards will be distributed to your HECO address within 7 working days after the activity ends.

  • The final interpretation right of the event belongs to iSwap.

About iSwap

iSwap ( www.iswap.com ) is a cross-chain transaction platform deployed on multiple public chains (initially supporting HECO and BSC), with security, low transaction fees, fast speed features, and it is the first time that the cross-chain transaction time is shortened to the seconds level, which is a milestone in the block-chain industry.

Trade on iSwap in 3 Steps


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Email: contact@iswap.com

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